“Valuable support for physicians in general practice!”

DAZDr. Ralph Tölg, managing chief physician at the Heart Centre of the Segeberg Clinics

The author of this medical article, Dr. Ralph Tölg, managing chief physician at the Heart Centre of the Segeberg Clinics, ranks among the cardiologists who have already gathered experience with cardiogoniometry. In this interview, Dr. Tölg talks with DAZ, the German pharmacist’s newspaper, about the costs and potential applications of this new method …

“… heart disease is still the most frequent cause of death in industrialized countries, and that is why anybody suffering chest pain should consult his doctor immediately. When rendering the diagnosis, it is paramount that it is a doctor who personally assesses the presenting symptoms – and not to rely solely on automated interpretations. I believe that CGM is more of a valuable support for physicians in general practice who are and should remain the first point of contact for patients. In this setting, CGM can aid in the fast decision-making that sets the stage for further effective management of the patient. For example, I also regard CGM as a valuable aid and validator for orthopaedists in the treatment of presumably orthopedically related symptoms in the shoulder /upper torso region of the body …”

Original Source:
Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung 151. Jahrgang,
22.09.2011 Nr. 38


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