The CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER is a modular system which, in addition to Cardiogoniometry, can be used as an efficient 12 Lead Rest ECG. The modules can be used individually or combined.

Please find below an overview of potential applications as a 12 Lead Rest ECG:

Automatic Measuring and Diagnosis Using HES®-algorithm

The HES®-system is a globally accepted standard for automatic measurement and interpretation of electrocardiograms. Cardiologists are continuously developing the algorithms, so they are among the most sensitive and comprehensive ECG analytic systems. The HES®-program was part of the project “Common Standards for Quantitative  Electrocardiography”, CSE. The results have been independently analyzed and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 325, No. 25, 1991.

Identifier Normal (n=382) VHT (n=291) MI (n=547) Tot. accuracy (n=1220)
Marquette 86.3 61.1 69.7 69.8
HES program 86.6 72.1 79.0 75.8
Hewlett Packard 93.5 51.0 64.5 69.3
Media 91.3 49.4 62.5 67.6
Nagoya R89.3 42.6 63.7 65.6
Glasgow 94.0 51.0 67.7 69.7
Padova 89.9 61.3 47.1 62.0
Means 97.1 42.5 67.2 69.8

Program Features (HES®):

  • Precise localization and classification of cycles
  • Averaging of the dominant (normal) heart beats and determination of up to three types of  extrasystoles
  • Precise wave point detection
  • Interference detection and filtering
  • Measurement charts for P, QRS, ST, QT, QTc, etc. for the full ECG
  • Detailed rhythm analysis: VES, PVC, couplets, triplets, salvos, pauses, bigeminy, trigeminy, ventricular tachyrhythmias, bradycardia, flutter…
  • P-wave interpretation (e.g. atrial congestion, extended atrial excitation)
  • Interpretation of abnormal repolarization and T-wave changes (e.g. ischemia)
  • Interpretation of intraventricular nervous conduction impulses (e.g. bundle branch blocks and pre-excitation syndrome, left anterior hemiblock)

View Options

Primary View

The initial output of the 12 Lead Rest ECG software displays the leads. The waves can be moved around, zoomed in and out and played back or filtered. Additionally, in the filter view, measurements and annotations are possible.

Primary view 12-lead resting ECG

Print Manager

The print manager “collects” all screenshots and views of the output. Individual pictures can be chosen for printing in a preview function. The report can be printed in whole, or as manually selected views. In addition, screenshots can be exported into PDF and saved in the data base.

Print manager


The CHEST PAIN EXPLORER combines the advantages of the 12 Lead Rest ECG and Cardiogoniometry. A 12C Rest ECG is used to detect a STEMI. If this is possible, no further diagnostic is required. In all other cases, the CHEST PAIN EXPLORER can perform a Cardiogoniometry recording, to obtain additional data on the cardiac cause of the patient’s afflictions through the three-dimensional evaluation of the potentials of the heart.

Specifications and Features

Options and Presentation of 12 Lead Rest ECG

  • Selectable recording time (10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds or continuously)
  • Multi-level selectable printing rate (10, 25, 50, 75, 100 mm/s ) and display of amplitudes (5, 10, 15, 20 mm/mV)
  • Possible on- and off-line filtering functions (muscle filter, base line filter and 50/60 Hz-filter)
  • Online display of the pulse wave
  • Comments (annotations) can be included directly into the written ECG and saved
  • Zoom function in the vector loop display and display of the leads
  • Pacemaker detection


Hanover ECG-Interpretation System  – HES®

  • Detailed, automatic measurement and interpretation with proposed diagnosis
  • Determines representative cycle and median cycle
  • Automatic generation of parameter chart (certified to DIN EN 60601-2-51)

Manual Measurement and Interpretation

  • Measurement of individual ECG-complexes
  • Records and saves manual diagnosis
  • Verification of manual finding

Print Manager

  • Printing of entire report
  • Printing of manually chosen views
  • Printing preview via screenshots
  • PDF print via additional software