Medical solutions – Innovations in Cardiovascular Diagnosis

enverdis GmbH is a medium-sized company located in Düsseldorf, Germany. The business focus is the development and sale of medical technology products for use in cardiovascular functional diagnosis. In this, the company is following the credo: non-invasive, stress-free, fast and easy to use with the target to simplify processes in clinics and medical practices and to enhance the diagnostic quality with new methods.

This is achieved with the products CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER and VASCULAR EXPLORER.


enverdis was founded in 1997 in Jena. Since 2002 the business focus continuously shifted towards research and development of highly innovative devices. Based on the close cooperation with the Swiss physicians Dr. Ernst Sanz and Dr. Michael Schüpbach, their basic research on 3D-ECG (Cardiogoniometry) could be used to develop a user-friendly and ready-to-market product – the CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER.
Today, more than 35 years of in-depth research can help doctors and patients. The VASCULAR EXPLORER was developed simultaneously. Starting 2009, the focus began to shift to medical studies and sales & marketing. Since then, enverdis has been present frequently in the German health care sector: by participating in congresses, even with own symposia, as well as in the general press and medical publications. The development of new markets such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Brazil and Asia region has been started in 2012, based on the approved and well positioned product portfolio.