Premature and fast detection of vascular
stiffness and vascular aging and screening
of the cardio vascular risk.
Detection of reversible early stages of
arteriosclerosis and optimal treatment of
hypertensive patients
Automatic and precise detection of
occlusion pressures for diagnosis of PAOD
or arteriosclerosis.
Early detection of blood pressure
based risks for heart, brain
and renal diseases.

Accessories for the VASCULAR EXPLORER

Device for Automatic Arterial Analysis

Allows a quick, easy and automated diagnosis of peripheral arterial diseases and vascular stiffening.

The following accessories are available:


The COACH EXPLORER is the Multi-Purpose enverdis Device

In clinics a mobile trolley device facilitates the work routine. The COACH EXPLORER LIGHT is an ideal tool for this purpose. All enverdis devices can be installed onto the trolley together with a laptop and printer.

This allows for the relevant examinations to be carried out in any of the examination rooms or even on the patient’s ward.The support arm with two separate attachments keeps everything organised.

The COACH EXPLORER enables the use of the diagnostic tools wherever necessary.

  • Support arm for ECG cable, blood pressure cuff etc.
  • Cable can be integrated into vertical rail
  • Pre-installed cable roll drawer with basket on the back
  • Disinfection is possible with standard disinfectant


  • Equipped with laptop and printer
  • Power box with medically safe insulating transformer 1000 VA
  • Suction device with adapter
  • 4 wheels with an operating radius of 360° (standard kit: 2 out of 4 wheels with 360° operating radius)



Parameter-Import/Export Interface

Automatic and / or manual data export for study purposes.

Software Upgrade for Existing Systems VASCULAR EXPLORER

Latest software upgrade incl. all new features for the relevant software module.

HL7 Interface

Connection to central HIS system and synchronization with main patient management system.

Mehr Infos

Blood Pressure Cuffs

Blood pressure cuff, adult, arm, straight, with strap, circumference 29-40cm

Blood pressure cuff, adult, arm, large, straight, without strap, circumference 38-50cm

Blood pressure cuff, adult, leg, conical, without strap, circumference 29-40cm


Replacement blood pressure cuff tube 200cm

Replacement blood pressure cuff tube 240cm


SpO2 Sensors

  • Fingerclip sensor SpO2 small
  • SpO2 sensor multi-soft (toe)
  • SpO2 extension cable 120cm


Further Equipement

USB cable
  • Power supply cable
  • Power supply unit
  • USB cable (300 cm)
  • Measuring tape
  • Mount for Basic System (for assembling Basic Systems to consoles, trolleys, gurneys etc.)
  • License dongle
  • License dongle SD card



All accessories and replacement parts can be ordered from your distributors.