Brachial and Aortic Blood Pressure

During an examination of the pulse wave velocity, the blood pressure is measured on the arm. This reading is used to determine the central blood pressure. The central blood pressure is determined by using a transfer function.

Graphical Analysis of Blood Pressure Reading

According to WHO guidelines, the blood pressure readings determined on the arm ​​are entered into a coloured graph. The colour classification enables physicians to make faster conclusions regarding necessary treatments or therapeutic successes. In a physician-patient dialogue, the readings can then be communicated easily to the patient.

Representation of the blood pressure values . Figure: Graphical evaluation of brachial blood pressure according to WHO guidelines from 2005

The graph’s classification is based on the following source:
Khatib OMN, Clinical guidelines for the management of hypertension. EMRO Technical Publications Series (29) World Health Organization, 2005