27. – 30. January 2014
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Zabeel Hall – German Pavillion
Booth Z3J31

Be the first to know about the groundbreaking innovations of enverdis Germany !

We are excited to showcase the most innovative cardiovascular diagnosis medical devices at this years 2014 Arab Health in Dubai/UAE.

Our groundbreaking technology has been developed for years and the overarching objective is to enhancing the experience of the patients and to increase clinical performance.



The worldwide first non-invasive and stress-free diagnosis of myocardial ischemia within  only 12 seconds.

It offers a broad and fast diagnosis of the heart potential. The methodology of the Cardiogoniometry is the groundbreaking technology with a potential to replace ECG.

The fastest and stress-free detection of myocardial ischemia (in most cases due to coronary stenosis or small vessel disease) offers a valid diagnosis for patients suffering from:

– Acute coronary syndrome even without ST-elevation  (NSTE-ACS)
– Acute as well as non-specific chest pain
– Non diagnostic ECG and negative troponin

The CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER offers 3 examination in 1 device

Much higher sensitivity than ECG and troponin test.
Sensitivity >70% for NSTE-ACS (NSTEMI and unstable angina) – even in ranges where EKG and troponin are not diagnostic.  Saves time to initiate treatment

12 Lead-Rest ECG
Intuitive, PC-based ECG-diagnosis with automatic findings and measurement

Flexible load planning and automatic analysis including detection and classification of all recorded events

Complete overview on arterial status with one device only!


All examinations are automated, delegable and processed within only 3 minutes.

The “VASCULAR EXPLORER” offers a complete overview on arterial status with one device. This extremely advanced solution for the automatic diagnostic of arterial disease and vascular stiffening uses

Puls wave velocity (PVW)

Fast and early detection of arterial stiffness and vascular pre-aging as well as determination of overall cardiovascular risk

Ankle Brachial Index

Automatic and precise determination for diagnosis of PAOD and peripheral arteriosclerosis

Augmentation Index (AIX)

Detection of reversible early stages of arteriosclerosis and optimization of hypertensive therapy

Aortic blood pressure.

Early detection of hypertensive risk for central organs like heart, brain and kidneys

The key functions of the new software include: „„

  • Age-curves plotting arterial stiffness parameters
  • „„Color-coded blood pressure evaluation
  • „„2 modes: Research and clinic
  • „„Step-by-step examination wizard


Explore the breakthrough products and technologies CARDIOLOGIC and VASCULAR EXPLORER on our booth at the German Pavillion

Both solutions are opening a new era of cardiovascular diagnostics.


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