Vectorcardiographic-ECG with potential for savings on expensive imaging

Cardiogoniometry (CGM), a vectorcardiographic, ECG-based method using five leads, is suitable for pre-screening patients with presumed myocardial infarction. That means savings on expensive diagnostics. As Dr. Ralph Tölg from Bad Segeberg
reported in Mannheim, the CBM@ACS study on 216 patients showed: CGM allows early detection of patients with non-STEMI. The method proved to be additionally beneficial in demonstrating acute ischemia in patients with normal ECG and normal troponin test. In combination with ECG and troponin screening, CGM facilitates differential diagnostics. The study was presented at the enverdis symposium of the German cardiologists’ meeting in Mannheim. The inclusion criteria included chest pain lasting longer than 20 minutes and a coronary angiography within 72 hours. The diagnosis of NSTE-ACS was excluded or verified by coronary angiography.

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