Heart Under Pressure – Hypertension

Heart Under Pressure  –  Hypertension

Jena (ots) – High blood pressure does not hurt, however it is to be found in 44% women and 51% men. Consequences of untreated high blood pressure are fatal – mainly for the heart and vascular system.

However, if diagnosed, he can be lowered effectively in most cases. Unfortunately many patients suffering from high blood pressure ignore the disease and do not get an appropriate treatment. Thus the vascular system is badly damaged and is aging considerably.

Already early indications like changes of calcificaion of blood vessels can be detected easily, siad Dr. med Johannes Baulmann, chairman of DeGAG, society for arterial vessel stiffness. By measuring the pulse wave velocity you get a direct rate of vessel stiffness. Measurements of the augmentation index /AIx) describe the function of small vessels which change blood pressure directly at the heart. By measuring PWV and AIx one can easily draw conclusions on the efficiency of the therapy applied.

The enverdis VASCULAR EXPLORER offers excellent solutions.

Values recommended by the the Society of Hypertension are determined (PWV and AIx) which identify early changes in vessels, before it causes visible clinical damage to the patient.

Besides ankle-brachial-index for checking bloodflow in legs, PWV and AIx as well as the central bloodpressure can be determined within one measuring procedure. Grafically prepared the patients gets his specific bloodpressure as well as the determined age of vessels. With the graphic display of test results using the traffic light values (gree-yellow-red) ,the actual status and possible target of treatment can be easily explained to patients. Thus we expect a better involvement of the patient regarding a sucessful treatment.