Transplants aftercare - 22. annual congress German Transplant Association

Dr. S. SpiliopoulosThe results of the study “CGM@CAV” were presented at the 22nd annual conference of the German Transplant Association (Deutsche Transplantationsgesellschaft) on 24-26 October 2013 in Frankfurt/Main. In front of an expert audience, Dr. med. Sotirios Spiliopoulos illustrated the possibilities offered by cardiogoniometry (CGM) with respect to the vasculopathy screening in heart transplant patients. The feasibility study showed a high sensitivity (100%) and specificity (81%) and an accuracy of 89% in the data obtained by CGM compared to coronary angiography.

After the presentation, both the chairman Prof. Wagner (Hamburg) as well as the audience used the opportunity to ask questions on the methodology and potential applications.

The great interest in this study demonstrates the need for diagnosis options for this particular group of patients, which reaffirms our view to drive forward our research in the field of transplant aftercare.