In cooperation with the DeGAG (Gesellschaft für arterielle Gefäßsteifigkeit) we held our first DeGAG Academies as advanced training courses with the title “Blood Pressure was yesterday, Pulse Wave Analysis is today”. Firstly, in September with our distributor Promedia in Leverkusen. Secondly, in October with Medizintechnik Bergmann in Würzburg.

At this theoretical basics about Pulse Wave Analysis and Pulse Wave Velocity, among others “What is PWV/PWA?” “What meaning does it have?” and “Are there extensive studies on this subject?”. In the practical part findings were evaluated and discussed, moreover possible treatment strategies have been shown. In addition the participants were able to check their own vascular status with the VASCULAR EXPLORER, which has been received favorably. This has assured enverdis to hold additional events like these in 2015.