Cardiogoniometry: New and Efficient Non-invasive Method in Diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease in Women

Presentation of the Latest Cardiogoniometry Study Results in Croatia

Prof. Pintaric and his team presented the latest results on their Cardiogoniometry study at the 10th annual congress of the Croatian Cardiac Society in Zagreb.

During this presentation Prof. Pintaric and his team gave an overview of the preliminary results of their study concerning the CGM. Since suspected stable CAD in women is still problematic concerning non-invasive diagnostic methods, Prof. Pintaric is ascertaining whether the CGM is an efficient additional non-invasive method for diagnostics preceding a coronary angiography. The preliminary results are promising, since the CGM shows a 62% sensitivity and an 85% specificity. In the Beginning of 2015 Prof. Pintaric also gives a presentation on the topic in the US. His research in female CAD may lead to enhanced diagnostic quality in asymptomatic patients, especially in women.