Cardiologic Explorer 3D ECG
Non-invasive and completely stress free
diagnosis of myocardial ischemia in 12 sec
Intuitive, PC based ECG diagnosis
combined with automatic findings
Also usable as carry on device Standard USB connection as power supply No additional power supply
3D-ECG connection with
only 5 electrodes
Classical ECG connection
Non invasive Stress free Easy to use Simple Cost efficient


The CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER (CAE) offers a broad, non-invasive and fast diagnosis of the heart potential. In addition to well-known and established procedures, the device also utilizes the methodology of the Cardiogoniometry.

The fast and stress-free detection of myocardial ischemia (in most cases due to coronary stenosis or small vessel disease) offers a valid diagnosis for patients suffering from:

  1. Acute coronary syndrome even without ST-elevation  (NSTE-ACS)
  2. Acute as well as non-specific chest pain
  3. Non diagnostic ECG and negative troponin

The following modules are available:

  • 3D ECG/Cardiogoniometry
  • 12C Rest ECG, including automatic measuring and diagnosis (HES-algorithm)
  • Ergometry
  • CHEST PAIN EXPLORER for easy diagnosis of acute-patients


Our module system for the CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER is customized to individual requirements. Modules can be combined with each other.

The following combinations are available:

Cardio­goniometry basic unit
Additional module:

+ Ergometry *

* Existing ECG module necessary.

12C Rest-ECG basic unit
Extension module:
+ Ergometry *

+ Cardiogoniometry *

* Modules also available separately.

The application of vectorcardiography in cardiologic diagnosis has been complicated and complex, therefore it was used only by a few specialists. The CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER has extended this diagnostic method considerably. It now offers a fast and easy method to identify ischemia completely stress-free and non-invasive, in just seconds.

Automatic Interpretation and Parameters

All software modules incorporate an automatic analysis and provide the user with a suggested diagnosis. In addition to the automatic interpretation option, the user can perform a manual diagnosis based on the various images and save this within the software.

Healthy patient: all relevant parameters are within the green range.
Pathological: Parameters located in the red zone, are most probably a sign of ischemia.

Range of Service

Technical Data

  • ECG and Cardiogoniometry: resolution 22bit, sampling frequency 1116 Hz, 12 channels
  • PC-Interface: USB 2.0
  • Pacemaker: Display and analysis of pacemaker activities
  • Size: 200 x 150 x 55 mm (l/w/h)
  • Weight: 800g
  • Hardware-classification: IIa after attachment IX of 2007/47/EG, L 10
  • Software-classification: 2, IEC 62304

System Requirements (Minimal)

  • CPU: Intel I3
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Graphic: Intel HD
  • Display: 15 inch at 1024×768 Pixel resolution
  • Interfaces: 2 x USB 2.0
  • Operating System: Windows XP

Standard Range of Service

The standard range of service varies according to the software modules chosen.

  • Installation CD and license-dongle with licenses for the chosen software module(s)
  • USB Cable

12C Rest-ECG:

  • 10-pin patient cable (banana plug)
  • ECG adhesive electrodes (50 pieces banana plug)


  • 5-pin patient cable (button plug)
  • CGM adhesive electrodes (50 pieces button plug)
  • CGM ruler

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Software Screenshots & Videos


Healthy Patient

Pathological patient

Dashboard Cardiogoniometry
CGM writer- recording 12 Seconds
view potential
Loop view after Recording without reference area
loop view after recording with reference area
globe view
CGM print manager


Startscreem ECG and Dashboard
ECG writer and recording
ECG parameters
ECG loop view
EKG automatic findings
ECG print manager


Ergo ECG Writer
Ergo ST-deviation - Single View
Ergo Print manager