Interpretation notes

Lateral Inferior Apical Ischemia

In the loop display, the course deviation of the T loop is evident.  In addition, in the localization of the ischemia, the relevant area is depicted in the transparent heart as a black structure. In the globe view, the T maximum vectors are outside of the reference range (green) and are instead in basal direction. Furthermore, the  T maximum vectors are not concentrated, but exhibit scattering. Therefore the repolarization does not proceed homogeneously in each heartbeat. The following parameters are noticeable: MD alfaTmax (assesses the longitude for the Tmax-vector), MD betaTmax (assesses the latitude for Tmax vector), Mean Sum TBAs assesses the percentage of the T loop located in the basal region. In case of a high value, T potential is missing apically. These parameters depict the altered spatial direction of the T maximum vectors. SD phi is a scattering parameter, assessing the variability of the angle between R and T maximum vectors. With the deviation of the T-vectors towards septal anterior basal, the localization of the ischemia can be illustrated as a lateral apical inferior mirror image.


 Different Displays of the CAE Software

Loops with heart of glas without localization of the ischemic area
Max. vector view
Automatic finding - in this case with pathologic CGM
Findings overview