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Direct comparison of cardiogoniometry with perfusion cardiac magnetic resonance and late gadolinium enhancement

Birkemeyer R, Jäckle S et al.; Clin Res Cardiol 100, Suppl 1 (2011)


Background: Stress testing for detection of coronary artery disease (CAD) in the outpatient setting is frequently hampered by the limited physical capacity of patients and the complexity of pharmacological stress imaging. Rest ECG however yields only low sensitivity and specifity in this context. Cardiogoniometry (CGM) is a novel electrodiagnostic method utilizing computer-assisted 3-dimensional information of cardiac potentials for detection of CAD. It is performed at rest, simple to use and fast to apply. The aim of this study was to determine the level of agreement between CGM and perfusion cardiac magnetic resonance in combination with late gadolinium enhancement.

Conclusions: In this preliminary study CGM compares favourably to the combination of adenosine stress perfusion and late gadolinium enhancement for the detection of stable coronary artery disease and clearly outperforms rest ECG. Given the simplicity of this new approach it deserves further investigation in larger series.

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