Frequently Asked Questions

Practical Experience Which Can be of Help

Certain questions typically come up when people first learn about our enverdis products and methods. Other questions arise in the application process.

We have collated the most common questions from theory and practice:

What Does enverdis Do?

enverdis GmbH is a medical technology company from Jena in Germany. It focuses on the development of devices for cardiovascular diagnosis and risk screening and their global distribution.

How Can the Devices be Purchased?

In Germany, enverdis devices can be purchased through specialist dealers of medical technology. enverdis has established an international network of dealers, which is expanding continuously. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Is it Possible to Test the Devices?

All enverdis devices can of course be tested prior to purchase, in order to become familiar with the application and in particular with the new methods. enverdis employees as well as local dealers are happy to help with any questions or queries.

Who Can Help with Technical Questions?

Your first point of contact can be your local dealer or enverdis directly. We offer technical support to our customers. Any question regarding the installation of the system, its implementation, operation and the application of the systems can be directed at enverdis or at your local dealer.

Can Reference Users be Contacted?

Various users from different areas and regions – general practitioners as well as clinics – have agreed to share their experience with colleagues and patients. Please find an overview of reference users here:

Where Are the enverdis Devices Produced?

enverdis devices are all “Made in Germany”.
The company develops and tests all devices in Germany. They are produced by a partner company in Thuringia, Germany.