• A client´s data is installed on a local pc of a offices´ computer system
  • enverdis software is installed on the local pc
  • Both systems can communicate via GDT interface
  • No manual transfer of patient data from the doctor´s database to the enverdis database required
  • Launching the PATIENT EXPLORER is not required


Technical Details

Transfer of patient data from practice IT-system including the relevant test type
-> via GDT-messages 6302

Feedback from the enverdis software into the practice’s IT-system that test has been completed
-> via GDT-message 6310

Launching of a previous examination from the practices’ IT-system within enverdis software
-> via GDT-message 6311

System Requirements

  • enverdis software has to be installed locally on each pc
  • Each pc has to have practice IT-system installed locally
  • Adjustments in the practice IT-system to be done exclusively by the manufacturer of the practice IT-system and not by enverdis GmbH. This is due to safety-related and and data security reasons.