HL7- Interface


  • A local computer of a client has a hospital information system (HIS) installed
  • A local computer has the enverdis software installed
  • Via HL7 data can be exchanged between the two systems
  • No need to manually transfer patient data from the hospital database into the enverdis database
  • The PATIENT EXPLORER no longer needs to be launched


Transfer of patient data from the HIS onto enverdis software

-> The data will be transferred automatically into enverdis database

  • Patient ID, case number, examination number
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Height

Transfer the required test type from the HIS to the enverdis software

-> The relevant enverdis software starts automatically

Transfer of data from enverdis software onto the HIS after completion of the test

-> New entry in the HIS patient’s file

  • Date and time of test
  • General findings (automatic text, 1 line)
  • Manual findings
  • Absolute path to a manually generated PDF

Technical Details

Transfer of patient data from HIS, including the requested test
-> via HL7-messages ORM

Subsequent transfer from enverdis software to HIS that test has been completed.

-> via HL7-message ORU


Any requirements for client-specific adjustments are ascertained in a discussion, to ensure optimal connection to the HIS.

System Requirements

  • enverdis software has to be installed locally onto each computer
  • Each computer requires a local HIS installation
  • HL7-messages can only be collected in the waiting rooms of the hospital information system (HIS)
  • The connection is set up in cooperation with the client, the HIS-producer and enverdis