Patient Explorer Patient data management and central examination
management for all devices and software modules of enverdis
Easy to add patients
and examinations with
intelligent search function
Simple user management All examinations
at a glance
Connection via GDT to IT systems

PATIENT EXPLORER – Patient Data Management

The PATIENT EXPLORER is the Central Start- and Management Software for all enverdis Devices and Software Modules.

Management software for existing and new patient- and examination data. In addition to data exchange with existing office- and hospital software, the intuitively operated surface facilitates an efficient administration of patients and examinations.



  • Easy to enter patient data and examinations
  • Processing, searching, archiving of existing data
  • Examinations easy to compare
  • All examinations at a glance (CGM, REST ECG, ERGO)
  • Secure data due to integrated user administration


For integration of existing management systems in practices or hospitals, the PATIENT EXPLORER has various interfaces (GDT/BDT/HL7) implemented. The PATIENT EXPLORER can also be operated as single-position system.

The intelligent live-search of patients and examinations, also irrespective of patients, enables a quick finding. Within the PATIENT EXPLORER it is possible to view findings of an examination without starting the respective software module. In addition, the course of an examination, including the persons in charge, can be displayed.

Scoop and Features

  • Administration of patient- and examination data
  • Intelligent “search” system
  • Viewing of finding
  • User administration with integrated rights management
  • External archiving of data
  • Interface for data exchange with practice-EDP/HIS

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows® 2000
  • Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 Pixel
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1GHz Processor
  • 30 MB free diskspace

Windows® is a registered Trademark of  Microsoft Corporation.

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