Cardiologic Explorer 3D ECG
Non-invasive and completely stress free
diagnosis of myocardial ischemia in 12 sec
Intuitive, PC based ECG diagnosis
combined with automatic findings
Also usable as carry on device Standard USB connection as power supply No additional power supply
3D-ECG connection with
only 5 electrodes
Classical ECG connection
Non invasive Stress free Easy to use Simple Cost efficient


Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in industrialized countries. Cardiac mortality tends to be higher in rural regions than in urban areas.

Early, easy to apply cardiac diagnostics can help to reduce the risk of infarction. ECG and Ergometry are not ideal for early cardiac diagnostics, the latter due to many contraindications as well as moderate sensitivity and specificity. Sophisticated diagnostic methods such as angiography or MRI are not widely available due to high cost.


Fast, easy, delegable, user-independent measurement

The CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER combines a 12 Lead Rest ECG with Cardiogoniometry (CGM)

  • CGM is fast and can be set up anywhere.
  • Patients are examined stress-free and at rest in just 12 seconds. Findings are generated instantly and automatically.
  • Low inter-user variability.
  • CGM has a high correlation to coronary angiography.
  • CGM is suitable as a fast screening method.


Diagnosis of stable CAD and prevention

Very high correlation with cardio MRI.

  • Higher accuracy than Ergometry, as CGM has no contraindications (e.g. in patients with hip or knee replacements, obesity, due to medication or additional physical impairments like post-stroke)
  • High sensitivity (70%), specificity (95%) and high predictive values (PPV 93%, NPV 76%)

Birkemeyer R, Jäckle S, Hajredini B, Lübke M, Tölg R, Wölken M, Wessely R, Zeymer U, Jung W. Direct comparison of cardiogoniometry with perfusion cardiac magnetic resonance and late gadolinium enhancement. Clin Res Cardiol 100, Suppl 1, April 2011


Emergency diagnostics in ACS patients: MI, STEMI, NSTEMI, UAP and critical preliminary stages (stenoses >50%)

Easy, delegable, user-independent method to determine myocardial infarctions and their preliminary stages

  • Combines ECG and CGM
  • Higher sensitivity than EKG / troponin test
  • Sensitivity >70% for NSTE-ACS (NSTEMI and unstable angina) – even in ranges where EKG and troponin are not diagnostic
  • Saves time to initiate treatment
  • Allows effective resource planning
Tölg R, Zeymer U,  Birkemeyer R,  Eggebrecht H,  Wessely R, Boksch W, Schneider S, Richardt G, Hamm CW. Cardiogoniometry – an effective and easily implementable diagnostic tool for early detection of acute coronary syndromes. Final results of the CGM@ACS trial. Clin Res Cardiol 100, Suppl 1, April 2011 – P724. Zeymer U, MMW – Fortschritte der Medizin 2011; 153 (23):50-53