Premature and fast detection of vascular
stiffness and vascular aging and screening
of the cardio vascular risk.
Detection of reversible early stages of
arteriosclerosis and optimal treatment of
hypertensive patients
Automatic and precise detection of
occlusion pressures for diagnosis of PAOD
or arteriosclerosis.
Early detection of blood pressure
based risks for heart, brain
and renal diseases.


About half the adult population is affected by hypertension. High blood pressure can lead to dangerous heart problems and vessel diseases but is often underestimated:
Millions of men and women are not aware of their health problems or – even if they know about them – do not follow appropriate treatment regimens…


Easy, delegable, userindependent measurement

Key vascular parameters critical for the therapeutic strategy are determined in patients with high blood pressure including:

  • Pulse wave velocity (PWV)
  • Ankle brachial index (ABI)
  • Augmentation index (AIx)
  • Aortic blood pressure

The treatment guidelines for arterial hypertension recommend ABI and PWV measurements.


Pulse wave velocity
Augmentation index
Aortic blood pressure

Hypertension treatment / antihypertensive therapy monitoring

Determination of central vascular stiffness values such as pulse wave velocity / augmentation index and aortic pressure

  • Takes 2 minutes incl. measuring the normal blood pressure values
  • One cuff measurement for patients in sitting position or two cuff measurement for patients in supine position.
  • Findings shown as an easy-to-understand traffic light display
  • Estimated vascular age calculated from PWV and AIx
  • Combined measurement saves time by producing a full risk profile including ABI, PWV, AIx and central blood pressure in one go


Plethysmographic ABI measurement

Easy, delegable, user-independent method for determining PAOD using blood pressure cuffs and SpO2 sensors.

High correlation with Doppler (correlation value 0.95) using blood pressure cuffs and SpO2 sensors.

  • Accurate measurement of occlusion pressure vs. oscillometric pressure measurement (correlation to Doppler 0.7-0.8)
  • Pathological ABI values can also be determined at markedly lower pressure levels
  • Performed quickly in 5 min, saving time compared to Doppler method